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Cricket is  one of the most famous game in the world. There are lot of fans of cricket all around the world, we hope you are one of the cricket fan and you will definitely like some amazing facts about cricket which will surprise you. Cricket is known as religion in india. We have collected 13 amazing facts about cricket. statistics that will not only blow your mind, but they will show you a whole new picture of the sport.

amazing facts about cricket which will surprise you

1. Kissed on the cricket pitch:

Abbas Ali Baig, the dashing Indian batsman, was kissed on his cheek by a female fan who crossed the fence and came running while Baig was batting at the Brabourne stadium in Mumbai.

2. Nothing changed in a hundred years:

Thefirst test match between Australia and England was held in 1877 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In this match, Australia defeated England by 45 runs. A hundred years later, in 1977, both teams played again at the same venue and the results were again the same. Australia defeated England by exactly 45 runs.

3. Sachin Tendulkar has also played for Pakistan:

Thisis true, even if it appears to be some sort of fake news. It happened during a practice match that was being played between India and Pakistan at the Brabourne Stadium in 1987. Sachin Tendulkar had played as a substitute fielder for Pakistan during the match.
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3. This cricketer was hanged for murder:

Leslie Hylton West Indies played 6 tests during 1935-1939. In the year 1955, Hylton was found guilty of murdering his wife and executed, the only test cricketer to meet this unfortunate fate. During arguments Hylton said he was trying to shoot himself, but the shot missed and killed his wife.

4. Afridi’s fastest 100 made by Tendulkar’s bat!
This is one of the most amazing fact about cricket
In 1996 playing against Sri Lanka in Kenya, Afridi probably missed his kit and was provided helmet and boots by Saqlain Mushtak. Waqar Yonuis gave him Sachin Tendulkar’s bat and wished him the same luck that Sachin has with his bat. No doutb the charm worked and Afridi scored then fastest ton – 100 runs in 37 balls, 11 sixes.
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5. Out for duck, three times in the first ball of test match:Amazing facts about cricket

This was the great test batsman Sunil Gavaskar, who has scored 34 test centuries and has more than 10,000 runs. But, even Gavaskar had gotten out of the first ball of test match and this happened thrice in his career. This clearly shows that cricket is highly unpredictable. This is also the reason why people love it so much.

6. Played cricket for both England and IndiaAmazing facts about cricket

Only cricketer to have played both for India and England is Saif Ali Khan’s grand father: Ifthikhar Ali Khan Pataudi
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7. Born on 8-4-63, scores 8463 in test matchesAmazing facts about cricket

England’s wicket-keeper batsman Alec Stewart was born on 8-4-63 and had scored 8463 runs when he retired.

8. Bats with broken hand

South African captain Graeme Smith played with broken hand against Australia in 2009, facing the likes of Mitchell Johnson, to save the test match

9. Bowls with broken jaw

Anil Kumble came with his face and jaw all plastered to bowl long spells against the West Indies in Antigua in 2002. He dismissed Lara with broken jaw!

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10. Bat all 5 days in a test match:

This feat has been achieved by only 2 Indian players – ML Jaisimha and Ravi Shastri. Jaisimha did it in 1959 while playing against Australia at Calcutta. Shastri did it in 1984 while paying against England at Calcutta.

11. Martin Guptill is a two-toed cricketer:Amazing facts about cricket
Martin Guptill lost 3 toes as a 14-year old when a forklift truck drove over his foot. Kiwi legend Stephen Fleming visited him in the hospital and this only added to his steely resolve to play for the New Zealand cricket team. He eclipsed all other batsmen at the recently concluded World Cup when he scored an unbeaten double hundred.

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12. Hashim Amla doesn’t endorse liquor:Amazing facts about cricket

Hashim Amla being the devout Muslim that he is, does not endorse the national team’s sponsor Castle Lager which is a beer brand. For this reason, he does not get match fees except for award money, like Man of the Match or Series. Respect to the man!

13. Six off the first ball in test cricket:

Chris Gayle is the only batsman to hit a six off the first ball of a Test match. He did this against Bangladesh in 2012 off debutant Sohag Gazi.

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