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Top10 Most Popular Blocked Websites in China | Social Media Banned in China

In 2010, China Blocked Websites nearly 1.3 million allowing access to 41 percent fewer than the previous year. If you don't completely comply with the Chinese government's regulations in censoring politically sensitive information, there's a good chance the Great Firewall of China will shut you down. China has since let some sites

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Most Hottest and Beautiful Daughters of 5 Famous Indian Actors | New sexy Bollywood Actress

In this article we are going to tell you about the beautiful daughters of some Indian Celebrities who are popular as their parents are. May be you already know about them, if not check out their pictures and info below. The actors who belong to a filmy family find it

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How to Uninstall inbuilt Apps of Android Phone | Remove unwanted Applications

A System application is merely an application which is placed under/system/app folder in an Android device. An application can only be installed in that folder if we have access to the OS’s ROM (system.img). The application is placed under /app folder after the ROM has been extracted. A device which

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