Top 5 amazing facts about India that will Blow your Mind

amazing facts of india
amazing facts of india
India is largest Democratic country in the world due to its high or over population. Increase in population led to face many problems in the country. So I am going to show some interesting and Amazing facts about India that other countries does not have.

5 Most Amazing facts about India :-

1.Road Deaths are more than any other country.

Road accidents,amazing facts of india
amazing facts of india.

Another interesting top Amazing facts of India is that road accidents occur and will occur more frequently than other countries, simply because of the number of population of humans who live there and due to the roads being absolutely small and close to each other as opposed to America etc. which has been spaced out properly and built on an infrastructure of brilliance in its worldly design allowing for humans to move more freely and less chocked as India’s roads are curvy and move around a few houses.

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2.Biggest consumer and producer of Mangoes in the world
The facts of India now sway into a more crazy side apart from the interesting. While frequent road accidents in India would be highly anticipated due to its mega population size, who would have thought that Mangoes would initially be the biggest in supply and demand in India? Does this mean that all Indians are vegetarians, no! Everybody loves Mangoes, regardless of what race, ethnicity or country, fruits are the most natural form of life, after all there are theories that Adam and Eve which is an ancient belief in Christianity, still prophesied today.

3.Third Highest Ranker in breaking records amongst the rest of the world.

amazing facts of india
amazing facts of india.
For centuries, people and natives of India have been striving to make a place they can call home and to prove one thing to the rest of the world, that the classing of Indians by different derogatory names and backgrounds etc.
4.India’s First rocket was brought and transported on a bicycle
The most craziest yet highly interesting and amazing facts about India, come from the things that are most unique, uncommon, hardly seen by the rest of the world, yet makes it purely unique and exclusive to this Native land of heritage, history and traditional values. India’s first rocket was brought and transported on a bicycle! Outrageous and rather hard to believe but absolutely true.

5.There is a Species of Shark that inhabits the Ganga.

Sharks ganga amazing facts of india
amazing facts of india
Just when going face to face with a king cobra in India, isn’t bad enough to get somebody killed as a snake, no matter how sacred Indians may see it to be, is a snake! Which means having an instinctive mind of its own and can strike upon aggravated provocation or the slightest thing you may do which would trigger its attack which could eventually turn out to be faithful.

It was about the amazing facts about India

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