Top10 Most Popular Blocked Websites in China | Social Media Banned in China


In 2010, China Blocked Websites almost 1.3 million permitting entry to 41 percent fewer than the prior year. If you do not fully comply with the Chinese government’s regulations censoring politically sensitive info, there is a fantastic possibility the Great Firewall of China will close you down.

China has since let several websites like LinkedIn return on line, but here are 10 favorite Blocked websites which are still prohibited from routine access in the nation.

Here are Top10 Popular Blocked Websites:-

1.Google, Gmail. (Google Blocked websites)

google-including-gmail_blocked websites
google-including-gmail_blocked websites

It is the strangest on againoff again relationship: Critics consider the very first time Google was obstructed in the mainland has been in 2002.

After the firm consented to China’s censorship rules in 2006, a Chinese variant premiered but problems quickly emerged between the 2 players.

It is not only Google search that is blocked. Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Cloud, Google Plus and Google Photos are contained in the lengthy list of all Google related websites which are inaccessible.

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2.YouTube. (YouTube banned in CHINA)

youtube_Blocked websites
youtube_Blocked websites

The server in is taking too much time to react” is that the message users get should they attempt to get YouTube in China.

The very first time that the video-sharing site was blocked has been in 2008 through riots in Tibet.

“China isn’t scared of the web,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang has been quoted saying. “We handle the Web based on legislation to protect against the spread of damaging information.”

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3.Flickr.(Blocked in China)

In 2007, users were not able to perspectives images on Yahoo’s photo sharing website. Access was revived for awhile, but was blocked in 2014. A test reveals it stays blocked to the day. It’s not understood why Flickr was obstructed at the first place but speculation deems the Chinese authorities isn’t a large supporter of photographs being shared of uprisings.

4.Facebook.(SOCIAL MEDIA Banned)

Back in 2009, following deadly riots broke out in Xinjiang, Facebook users detected that they could no longer access the website.

“How do you link the entire world should you leave out a thousand people?” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated to some Stanford University viewers in 2010.

Zuckerberg is amping up attempts to create China his buddy however. He also delivered a 30-minute address in Mandarin to pupils during a 2014 trip and published a Chinese New Year movie in 2015.

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5.Instagram. (Instagram Blocked in CHINA)

instagram_blocked websites
instagram_blocked websites

The Facebook possessed photo sharing system was obstructed in 2014 throughout the widespread protests in Hong Kong. It is rumored that accessibility might be revived in certain parts, but occasionally pictures will not load. GreatFire, a site which monitors the firewall China, lists it as 92 percent blocked nonetheless.

6.Twitter.(TWITTER BLOCKED in China)

Twitter was blocked in China because February 2011. In its place, China’s very own version of Twitter, Weibo, has skyrocketed to become one of China’s hottest programs.

7.Bloomberg.(Blocked Websites)

Bloomberg was blocked in China because 2012 after it printed a story concerning the prosperity of Vice President Xi Jinping’s family. The company and financial news website stays blocked to the day alongside other news websites like Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.


8.Dropbox(Dropbox also Banned)

dropbox_blocked websites
dropbox_blocked websites

Dropbox was blocked in China nearly constantly since 2010, except for a short four month access period in 2014.

9.PornHub.(Pornhub not work in China)

blocked websites-in-china
blocked websites-in-china

Among China’s major causes of blocking sites, such as Google, is since they reveal porn. It is no surprise then Pornhub, the 66th hottest site on the planet according to Alexa, is blocked from the nation.

10.WhatsApp (WhatsApp Blocked in China)

WhatsApp has been blocked in southern China from the nation’s authorities, together with text messaging in addition to video and photo sharing not now functional. But, WhatsApp had been blocked in the nation and watched those cubes lifted in a couple of days, so it is uncertain how long the conversation program could stay inaccessible.

This was About the  Blocked Websites in China please provide your precious feedback.

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