There could be few doubts and consequences on mind, in regards to traveling in Kashmir since it’s likely to civil unrest and violence. Well, all we’ve to mention is Kashmir knows how to treat their guests. The mind boggling perspectives of beautiful gardens and snow clad mountains could make this nation probably the most popular tourist spot in India. But sadly a location that was once a leading visited destination by thieves now attracts hardly any travelers from overseas.Safest travel destination in indiaLocals are extremely friendly, warm, respectful and considerate the country only lives on for a traveller’s paradise. And there is more! Another fascinating fact about the valley is; Kashmiri’s have been really fantastic hosts. When it’s the tourist manual or the neighborhood audience, everyone is actually great.

How Safe Is Kashmir For traveling: safest travel destination in india

Kashmir is closest travel destination at india, People of Kashmir are extremely loving and affectionate. Zero offenses were committed against thieves in Kashmir, ” says a report.
As stated by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) yearly statistics for all crimes recorded in 2016, the nation listed no offense against foreigners in 2016 and 2015.Overall the offenses against thieves have grown in India, ” it states.

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Additionally, it reports that Americans visiting India as tourists are exposed to theft with almost 104 such instances listed in 2016–over any other offense.
In any case, instances of attack foreign women tourists have dropped from 2015: 30 foreign women tourists have been attacked in 2016 compared to 15 from the prior calendar year, ” it states.
In accordance with the report, Kashmir shirts without a crime against tourists in any way, followed closely by Odisha, where just four instances of crime against foreigners were reported between 2014 and 2016.
“Kashmiri individuals have always demonstrated bravery in rescuing the tourists. They have always welcomed the overseas in addition to national tourists with open hearts,” he explained.
Shah stated there hasn’t been one criticism of sailors bothering the tourists.
“Thus, crimes against foreigners are hopeless,” he explained. “Kashmir is the most popular place in the world for women folk, national or overseas tourists. People of Kashmir have been famous for their hospitality,” he explained.
He, however, stated the New Delhi-based press was destroying the picture of Kashmir to gaining TRPs.

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“Jammu and Kashmir is the oldest tourism destination in the world. Our tourism is 500 years old and our houseboats and Shikaras are 150 years old,” he said.
“Jammu and Kashmir is the earliest tourism destination on earth.
“The stakeholders and people here will not allow the tourism sector perish. They’ve kept the business alive and will continue to get it done,” he explained.



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