There might be few doubts and repercussions in your mind, when it comes to traveling in Kashmir as it is prone to civil unrest and violence. Well, all we have got to say is Kashmir knows how to treat their guests. Kashmir is safest travel destination in india – Kashmir also believes in “Atithi Devo Bhava” Or every tourist is God incarnated.Kashmir is popularly acknowledged as “Switzerland of India” and “heavens on earth”, Kashmir is a destination that will never fail to attract tourists. The mind boggling views of exquisite gardens and snow clad mountains can make this state probably the most sought after tourist place in India. But unfortunately a place which was once a top visited destination by foreigners now attracts very few travelers from abroad.Safest travel destination in india

Locals are very friendly, warm, polite and respectful the state just lives on to be a traveler’s paradise. And there’s more! Another exciting fact about the valley is; Kashmiri’s happen to be really good hosts. Whether it is the tourist guide or the local crowd, everyone is really nice.

How Safe Is Kashmir For traveling: safest travel destination in india

Kashmir is safest travel destination in india, People of Kashmir are very loving and caring. Zero crimes were committed against foreigners in Kashmir, says a report.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) annual data for all crimes documented in 2016, the state recorded no crime against foreigners in 2016 and 2015.

As per the report, 382 crimes were committed against foreigners in India, of which 154 were committed in Delhi itself.
Overall the crimes against foreigners have increased in India, it says. “In 2016, 12 foreigners were murdered, 19 raped, 19 robbed and 38 foreign women were assaulted in India,” says the report.

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It also reports that foreigners visiting India as tourists are subjected to theft with nearly 104 such cases recorded in 2016—more than any other crime.
Besides, cases of assault on foreign women tourists have doubled from 2015: 30 foreign women tourists were assaulted in 2016 as compared to 15 in the previous year, it says.
As per the report, Kashmir tops with no crime against tourists at all, followed by Odisha, where only four cases of crime against foreigners were reported between 2014 and 2016.
Commenting on the report, Director of Tourism for Kashmir, Mahmood Ahmad Shah, said Kashmir was the only place where even robbed belongings were at times returned to the tourists.
“Kashmiri people have always showed bravery in saving the tourists. They have always welcomed the foreign as well as national tourists with open hearts,” he said.
Shah said there has not been a single complaint of locals troubling the tourists.
“So, crimes against foreigners are impossible,” he said. “Kashmir is the safest place on earth for women folk, national or foreign tourists. People of Kashmir are known for their hospitality,” he said.
He, however, said the New Delhi-based media was ruining the image of Kashmir to gaining TRPs.

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“Jammu and Kashmir is the oldest tourism destination in the world. Our tourism is 500 years old and our houseboats and Shikaras are 150 years old,” he said.
“The people and stakeholders here will never let the tourism industry die. They have kept the industry alive and will continue to do it,” he said.



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