1. It is very difficult or totally impossible for a man to understand the mind of a woman. A woman is known as one of the most mysterious creatures on this planet, and yes it is exactly how they like it. They have much more secrets than you can imagine. They tend to be a better observer, a better planner, and a better secret keeper. Being with a woman you might think that things are turning to be complicated but in reality, women have different ways of dealing with the situation. There are things that they would never tell their man.Today we present to you the list of 10 secrets that girl never shares with anyone

10 secrets that girl never shares with anyone

1. Ask me out?

Ask me out
Ask me out

If you love someone, you definitely will take some time. But, to girls ask me out is something she will be waiting all the time for you to do first. Making the first move is just not a girl’s cup of tea, you need to initiate, and you need to make the first move. This will make you more attractive in front of her? No not at all this is what every girl wants deep inside when they fall or maybe get attracted towards you.

2. I’m always jealous

She will feel jealous
I am jealous

Going out with your girl and looking around? Cool until you check out the other girl walking down the lane wearing nice tight fit jeans or maybe a pair of shorts. Ooops!! TROUBLE on the go for you boy, your girl is no less than a Sherlock, even when you think you have the quality time, she will catch your look and will get jealous . Better watch what you look around while you are with her.

3. Guy time? Okay

You might ask your girl before going for a night out with your guy friends or maybe before boozing around because you think she’ll not be comfortable with your guy time. Here’s news for you then, a girl is never uncomfortable with your guy time until she doesn’t like your guy friends. In her mind, she respects your personal space.

4. OMG! I’m surprised, wow.


Nothing can make a girl happier than a nice planned and well-executed surprise plan. All she wants is to get surprised by you all the time, even if you are meeting her surprise her with a flower or maybe a chocolate bar and you will win your girl’s heart once again

5. If I wanted a reply after ‘days,’ I’d get a pigeon

We all know a relationship is destroyed within a minute, but it takes a long while to start it, true. Breakups aren’t because of a conversation or actions you did on that particular day but the long overthinking and a chain of no replies or slow replies you did to your girl. A girl waits for a text like a crazy little princess who can’t stand her tiara being snatched away just because she misbehaved. A reply can either save your relation or break it from the root

6. Overthinking mode on always.

If she is on a date with you and if something goes wrong, for e.g. she spills the co?ee on her skirt or something embarrassing happens, she is going to relive the moment for the entire week in her mind.

7. I’ll be Sherlock Holmes now

Spy you

Mentioned a girl’s name just like that?? ALERT*

By the end of the day, she must have stalked her in and out, from where she stays to what she wears when she is with you. Just try ignoring her call for once, and mailbox will be flooded with text from her and your friends too.

8. Either I buy, or I Eat

Give her 10,000 and ask her to spend it wisely. Trust me; a girl will surely buy that dress she saw in the store when she was broken and the new dish that got introduced but is overrated. A girl can make the most out of money when it comes to shopping and eating; this can make any girl happy. So, when you make her upset, you are actually making her dad upset as she is going to eat like crazy and shop to be happy again.

9. My guys are my business

Never ask this horrid question at the beginning of your relationship. Wait for her to open up to you to tell you about her best friends. This question can be hurtful, but it will make her feel you are insecure about her and do care a lot about her. Asking her about her friends is a good start but specifying it to guys can be a big mistake for a good start.

10. My bestie isn’t included in “Don’t tell anybody”

Telling a girl a secret and asking her not to tell anybody? Cool. She won’t. But be sure about this, her best friend isn’t included in anybody so besides her bestie your secret is safe with her. A girl simply cannot resist going into details as far as some story or some deep secret is concerned. And you guys, you don’t need to worry, if your girlfriend trusts her best friend, may be you can trust her today

You probably would be shocked after reading some facts, but don’t worry, just like men, women too have their own reasons. And what is the rush of knowing everything, just go with the flow and let the things unfold one by one.


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