WhatsApp is one of the most used social networking application. There’s hardly anyone we know who isn’t using the instant messaging app. However, there are a lot of things that you can do on WhatsApp, apart from sending and receiving messages, photos and other media files. Today I am going to share some of the most useful WhatsApp tricks 

Here is a list of 12 things that will make enhance the functionality of using WhatsApp:

Most Useful WhatsApp tricks


1) Archive Chat
If you want to hide a personal chat that you don’t want to show anyone then you can do it. Long press a chat and click on archive icon, doing this will hide/disappear the chat. You can reappear it whenever you want. Just go to the bottom of your chats, you will see archived chats with number of chats, click on it and again long press the chat and click on archive icon once again. Chat will reappear in chat list as usual.

2. Blank Text

To send a blank message type ` three times in the beginning and leaving space according to your choice again type(‘) three times.

Another way to send blank message – Download an app from PlayStore namely ‘Blank Text’ it will help you to send blank text in WhatsApp.

3. Block and unblock contactsBlock on whatsapp

If you don’t want to receive the messages from any particular contact then you have an option to stop receiving messages. Open your chat list, click on three dots next to search icon -> Settings Accounts -> Privacy -> Blocked contacts -> Click on Add icon (Right side on the top) -> Select the contacts which you want to block.

If you want to unblock someone, go to blocked contacts -> Long press the contact -> Click on three dots -> Unblock.

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4. Chat without adding number

If you want to start chat with someone without adding his number on your WhatsApp then you will have to download ‘WhatsMe’ it will help you to chat without adding number.

Download WHATSAPP Me here
5. Double WhatsApp in Single Phone

Use dual whatsapp

If you want to run two WhatsApp accounts in a single phone then you will have to download ‘Parallel Space’ by which you can run double whatsapp, facebook and other social accounts.
Or watch full guide how to use four WhatsApps in one phone

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6. Custom Notification

If you have number of contacts but you don’t want to miss the personal messages sent by your close friends and relatives then you can set custom notification tone on them. Click on an individual chat -> Click on contact name/number -> Custom notifications -> Check the box ‘Use custom notifications’ -> Notification tone -> Set your desired tone.

You can also use ‘Popup notification’ that will show the messages on the middle screen as popup.
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7. Message Delivery Info

If you had sent a message to an individual chat and you want to check when the message was delivered and when it read by the receiver then you can do it. Long press on your message and Click on eye icon. Have you got the info ?

If you had leave a message in a WhatsApp group and you want to check whom to your message is delivered and by whom it read ? Here is also the same process. Go to group -> Long press on your message -> Click on eye icon.

8. Doodle Photos

Want to send an Emoji adding with an image, just do it. Click on gallery in WhatsApp -> Choose an image -> Click on smiley face -> Select an Emoji and set it where you want.

9. Email Chat

By using this feature you can send an individual chat history by email to anyone without media files (photos, videos, audios) and with media files.
Open a chat -> Click on options icon -> More -> Email Chat -> Select with media or without media -> Enter email address whom to send whole chat conversation -> Send.

10. End to End Encryption

By using this feature of WhatsApp you can keep your personal chat secure even from the reach of WhatsApp. This process needs two mobiles whose chat history we want to keep secure: –

In First Mobile
Open a chat -> click on chat name/number -> Encryption (Have you got a QR code ?)

In Second Mobile
Open a chat -> click on chat name/number -> Encryption -> Scan code (Scan the QR code of first mobile)

11. Hide/Show Last SeenHide last seen on whatsapp

In WhatsApp you can set privacy on your personal information like Last seen, Profile photo, About, Status. These information can be hide/show to everyone, nobody & contacts only. Do it in this way : –
Open your Chat list -> Click on Options icon -> Settings -> Privacy -> (Set privacy on Last seen, Profile photo, About or Status by choosing one of Everyone, Nobody or Contacts.

12. Show/Hide media filesHide media whatsapp tricks and tips

You can show or hide the media files downloaded from WhatsApp by renaming the folder name. Follow the steps to do it : –
Go to File manager -> WhatsApp Folder -> Media -> WhatsApp Images -> Long press ‘WhatsApp Images’ folder -> Click on ‘More’ -> Rename -> Just add (.) before the name of folder -> Rename.
See the example : –
.WhatsApp Images

Do the same with all folders whose media files you want to be disappeared from your Phone Gallery.

To show media files again in your Phone Gallery remove that dot/point before the name of folder.

13. Hide name whom you are chatting with

If you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp and there is someone with you and you don’t want to show the name whom you are chatting with. So you can do it : –
Open the chat whom you are chatting with -> Long press on a message sent or received by you -> (Is there any name on the top ?)

After long press on a message once, you can continue your chatting without showing the name.

14. Hide chat on Locked Screen

If your WhatsApp messages show on locked screen and you don’t want to be shown them on locked screen, you can do it : –
Go to your Phone Settings -> Applications -> WhatsApp – Uncheck the box ‘Show notifications’

15. Image Changer

There is an app on PlayStore namely ‘Image Preview Changer’ that is used only for fun. When you will share a photo of an actress from this app and it will be changed to a donkey or any other thing.


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